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Chlorophyll - Liquid (v) (473ml)
Chlorophyll - Liquid (v) (473ml)Intestinal - Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that...

SynerProTein Original or Chocolate Flavour (v) (448g)
SynerProTein  Original or Chocolate Flavour (v) (448g)Now also available in a Six PackWould you like:- More energy...

Zambroza (458ml) (Box of 4)
Zambroza (458ml) (Box of 4)Zambroza - Box of 4 Ready to drink beverage (Immune)Receive ...

TNT (Total Nutrition Today) (532g)
TNT (Total Nutrition Today) (532g)Also available in a pack of 4This drink mix ensures that you...

Silver Shield (Nano-particle Silver)(v) 118ml
Silver Shield (Nano-particle Silver)(v) 118mlResearch indicates that colloidal silver deactivates the enz...

Nutricalm (v) (90) (Tablet)
Nutricalm (v) (90) (Tablet)Nature`s Stress-Buster Description: Nutri-Calm [Nervous] i...

Mega Chel (120) (Tablet)
This is a key product for the circulatory system. It contain...

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posted on 10 September 2017 in Health Articles

...more info >>>

Reactive Hypoglycaemia - Low Blood Sugar

posted on 23 August 2016 in Health Articles

HYPOGLYCAEMIA / DYSGLYCAEMIA BLOOD SUGAR INSTABILITY Terry Larder AKFRP As your doctor puts it, "you've been through all the tests, and the results are normal" which means he didn't find hea...more info >>>

Foods to help with Blood Sugar Balancing - Video Cookery Demonstration

posted on 23 August 2016 in Health Articles

Sharyn Singer enthuses you to eat foods that help with balancing blood sugar and gives you some healthy options to foods we may love that are high in sugar.Click here to read full article about reacti...more info >>>

Pea Protein Plus Ingredients

posted on 1 September 2015 in Health Articles

The full ingredients for Pea Protein Plus are:Food blend: Amaranth, brown rice grain, spirulina, quinoa, flax seed hull lignans, chia, chlorella, millet, alfalfa, carrot, broccoli, rice bran and germ...more info >>>

Why a Protein Drink is Such a Good Idea

posted on 28 August 2015 in Health Articles

We're all recommended to have a good breakfast to reduce the likelihood of energy slumps. Protein is the key component in our food that does this. We don't always have time to cook bacon and eggs and ...more info >>>

Taking Natural Health Products - How Risky Is It?

posted on 12 July 2012 in Health Articles

Despite the fact that European legislation is increasingly restrictive on what we can say about food supplements and also what we can buy to keep ourselves healthy (along with the most important thing...more info >>>


posted on 1 April 2011 in Health Articles

Kinesiology A therapy of the future Kinesiology is grabbing the attention of a lot of people lately. Despite that some critics claim it can be unreliable, many discerning people are turning ...more info >>>

Do You Crave Carbs?

posted on 6 August 2010 in Health Articles

Who doesn't succumb on a regular basis that 3pm-needing-something-sweet feeling? It's a real killer to dieters, but how do we stop it from happening? Because I'm a naturopath I'm obviously into eating...more info >>>

The Lifestyle Analysis

posted on 4 April 2010 in Health Articles The Lifestyle Analysis

To fill out a Lifestyle Questionnaire click hereThe body is like a chain of independently linked organs and systems and, just like a chain, our overall health is only as good as it's weakest link. The...more info >>>

Horsetail, Rosemary, Sage and Dulse for Healthy Hair, Nails and Bones

posted on 23 December 2009 in Health Articles Horsetail, Rosemary, Sage and Dulse for Healthy Hair, Nails and Bones

Brittle nails and dry thin hair can be a real problem. Whilst not exactly life-threatening it can be source of much consternation. But of course hair and nails do reflect what is going on inside the b...more info >>>

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