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Chlorophyll - Liquid (v) (473ml)
Chlorophyll - Liquid (v) (473ml)Intestinal - Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that...

SynerProTein Original or Chocolate Flavour (v) (448g)
SynerProTein  Original or Chocolate Flavour (v) (448g)Now also available in a Six PackWould you like:- More energy...

Zambroza (458ml) (Box of 4)
Zambroza (458ml) (Box of 4)Zambroza - Box of 4 Ready to drink beverage (Immune)Receive ...

TNT (Total Nutrition Today) (532g)
TNT (Total Nutrition Today) (532g)Also available in a pack of 4This drink mix ensures that you...

Silver Shield (Nano-particle Silver)(v) 118ml
Silver Shield (Nano-particle Silver)(v) 118mlResearch indicates that colloidal silver deactivates the enz...

Nutricalm (v) (90) (Tablet)
Nutricalm (v) (90) (Tablet)Nature`s Stress-Buster Description: Nutri-Calm [Nervous] i...

Mega Chel (120) (Tablet)
This is a key product for the circulatory system. It contain...

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Chia - Salvia Hispanica - An amazing food!

posted on 8 August 2008 in Health Articles Chia - Salvia Hispanica - An amazing food!

Taken from an article by Norman Shealy MD, PhD Chia, it's 'proper' name being Salvia hispanica, has been eaten for over 5000 years. Historically it was cultivated by the Aztecs and before! ...more info >>>

Flawed Research & Media Sensationalism over the use of Antioxidants

posted on 22 April 2008 in Health Articles

Industry bodies swiftly reacted to the flawed and grossly misleading research published (28th February) by Goran Bjelakovic with collaborators from the University of Serbia claiming that antioxidants ...more info >>>

Should We Believe The Latest Vitamin Scare?

posted on 22 April 2008 in Health Articles

BACKGROUND An updated meta-analysis examining the efficacy of antioxidant supplements in primary or secondary prevention of mortality was published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Revi...more info >>>

Herbal Remedies for Hypertension - High Blood Pressure

posted on 20 February 2008 in Health Articles

Millions of individuals are shocked to find that their doctor advises them that they have high blood pressure (hypertension). Often there are no symptoms, no reason to suspect that the pressure of blo...more info >>>

Why Do We Use Nature's Sunshine Products In Our Clinic?

posted on 18 February 2008 in Health Articles Why Do We Use Nature's Sunshine Products In Our Clinic?

Nature's Sunshine have been producing their own herbal combinations for over 30 years. It has grown into being the world's largest producer of organic and wild crafted supplements. They use the very b...more info >>>

Boost Your Immune System with Immune Formula

posted on 29 January 2008 in Health Articles

Nature's Sunshine Immune Formula (formerly Immune Stimulator) contains a powerful blend of natural herbs known for their immune-stimulating and disease-fighting abilities. This extraordinary p...more info >>>

Are You Exhausted All The Time?

posted on 22 November 2007 in Health Articles

There are certain herbs that have the reputation of being "master healers" and which have the property of restoring correct functioning of the body globally, thus increasing health and vitality whatev...more info >>>

Menopausal Symptoms

posted on 22 November 2007 in Health Articles

The adrenals are responsible for producing 15% of a female's oestrogen, so in a menopausal situation, it is essential to support the adrenals. This is particularly so if the onset of your sympoms came...more info >>>

Memory Loss

posted on 18 November 2007 in Health Articles

Cerebral disorder in which free radical activity is implicated Cerebral disorder where free radical activity is implicated. The diagnosis can only truly be made post mortem, which in patients with...more info >>>


posted on 5 May 2007 in Health Articles

Current research indicates that there are approximately 300 different species of parasites. A colon filled with un-eliminated fecal matter from years of poor eating habits provides the perfect breedi...more info >>>

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