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Recommended substitutes for some common foods

Happened on 29 July 2005  | ( 0 ) Comments

Bread substitutes (wheat free, yeast free)Rye sourdough bread (Sunnyvale)
Spicy onion loaf
Puffed rice cakes
Rice/corn crispbreads (Orgran)

Breakfast cereal substitutes (wheat free, sugar free)Wheat free muesli (Rainham Health Food)
Puffed rice (Kallo)
Corn flakes (Lima)
Oat bran & oatgerm porridge

Tea & Coffee substitutes (caffeine free, wheat free)
Decaffeinated coffee ( eg:Café Hag)
Decaffeinated tea (St James, Luaka)
Herbal ‘coffee’ eg: Caro extra, Barleycup
Herbal ‘teas’
Coffee substitute (Wakeup)
Coffee substitute (No-Caf)

Cow’s milk substitutesSheep’s milk (full fat frozen or preferably dried skimmed sheep’s milk)
Goat’s milk (frozen or dried)
Soya milk
Rice dream (rice milk)
Sheep’s, goat’s or soya yoghurt

Cow’s cheese substitutes
Sheep’s cheddar cheese
Goat’s cheddar cheese
Formsoya (soft cheese substitute) (Kallo)

Butter substitutes (milk free)Vitaquell (also unhydrogenated)
Vitasieg (also unhydrogenated)
Pure Sunflower (free from Dairy products, Gluten & Soya)
Pure Soya (free from Dairy products, Gluten)

Pasta substitutes (wheat free)Spelt pasta
Corn pasta
Orgran range of pastas

Fruit squash substitutes (sugar free, additive free)
Meridian fruit concentrates (if apple juice allowed)
Fruiss fruit concentrates (if avoiding apple juice)

Jam substitutes (sugar free)
Meridian range (if allowed apple juice)
Whole earth range (if allowed apple juice)
Stute diabetic jams (if avoiding apple juice)
St Dalfour Jams using grape juice concentrate (Available from many supermarkets)
Try putting some of these jams into plain yoghurt to make a sugar free fruit yoghurt.

Snack/confectionary substitutes (wheat free, sugar free)
Nana's Cookies
Holly Mill cereal bars (4 flavours)
Sesame bar (Sunita)
Honey Halva
Coolmints (Trebor)
Nature’s Choice (3 flavours 6 in a box)
Fruit snack (Fruitina)
Zaps (Lyme Regis)
Fruit break (Lyme Regis)

Chocolate substitutes (chocolate free, sugar free)Carriba bars (Holly Mill)
Carob crispi bar (Bond Foods)
Havasnac bar (Bond Foods)

The above items should be obtainable from you local health food store or supermarket. In case of difficulty contact Rainham Health Food Centre, who offer a comprehensive mail order service 01634 861880.

(Feel free to use this article online and in your email newsletters as long as you leave it intact and do not alter it in anyway. The by-line and resource box must remain in the article.)


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