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Why a Protein Drink is Such a Good Idea

Happened on 28 August 2015  | ( 0 ) Comments

We're all recommended to have a good breakfast to reduce the likelihood of energy slumps. Protein is the key component in our food that does this. We don't always have time to cook bacon and eggs and cereals just don't quite do it, plus they are often high in hidden sugars.

Having protein in the morning has this magical effect - for most people - of stopping the sugar cravings mid or late afternoon. For me personally, if I have my protein drink for breakfast ( I usually lace mine with fibre (I use LoClo) and some extra frozen fruit) it obliterates my desire for chocolate or biscuits during the day or evening. Occasionally I'll add some home made kefir instead of water if I want a really sustaining nutritious breakfast.

Nature's Sunshine have recently added an exceptional product to their range called Pea Protein Plus.
It contains less calories than my favorite SynerProtein Drink mix but that can be a benefit. Pea Protein Plus contains stevia as a sweetener rather than the fructose that SynerProtein contains.

Pea Protein Plus is a green and whole food blend. I like the benefit of having green vegetables, bursting with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins and minerals including potassium, calcium and magnesium. We all know that greens are good for us, but as hard as we try we know we don't always get enough and a lot of their value is lost in cooking. So this formula makes it easy to obtain valuable nutrition every day in a really easy form.

One interesting ingredient is 'ceremonial grade' matcha. This is a type of green tea that is grown and harvested in Japan under the strictest traditional methods. It is the type of tea that the Japanese use for their beautiful tea ceremonies. Having experienced this personally whilst in Japan, I can appreciate the bright green powder that they use for the tea ceremony and this gives Pea Protein Plus its green colour. I thinki of Japan every time I mix a Pea Protein Plus drink!

Nature's Sunshine Pea Protein Plus is just the thing for anyone wishing to increase their daily protein in an easily digestible form.

I have it at breakfast as this helps stablise my blood sugar levels thus stopping sugar craving, but it can be a snack, a post-workout shake, a mid morning top up or a soothing drink before bedtime. It really is great any time of the day. It also would be really good for anyone who is getting over an illness and is finding it difficult to eat properly as it would help them to get nutrients they need that they would normally get out of solid good food.

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