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Are Nature's Sunshine Products Organic?

Happened on 23 August 2009  | ( 0 ) Comments

Andrew Ewan, Nature's Sunshine's General Manager in the UK and Ireland has says," the 21st Century has seen an ever increasing trend of people wanting to take responsibility for their own good health and well-being and many are turning to natural supplementation to help maintain a healthy body.

Often we are spoilt for choice when we start looking for the right supplements. We can choose from the high street shops, the local chemist, even newspaper adverts with promises of unbelievably low cost products.

You may ask yourself 'why are they so cheap?" Maybe the reason is that some companies use either cheaper synthetic ingredients or ingredients that may have been exposed to a cocktail of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Nature's Sunshine guarantee to provide you with only the finest, purest, most effective natural ingredients which have been grown in certified organic farms or harvested from the wild (wild crafted). And the ingredients are tested hundreds of times in our own state-of-the-art award winning manufacturing facility to ensure their potency, purity and efficacy. Nature's Sunshine will never compromise on quality, and that is a promise."

Nature's Sunshine pharmacist Clell Fowles says,"Even though Nature's Sunshine uses organically sourced ingredients, it is impossible to label the products with an organic certification because most of our products contain organic wild-crafted ingredients. Allow me to explain.. 'Organic" is a term utilised to describe a growing condition. To be certified organic you (as the grower)have to pay to have someone come out and inspect your farm and look at your records to make sure that you are not using any banned fertilizers, pesticides etc. Whilst we regularly buy ingredients from organic farms, we also use ingredients that are not grown on farm but are wild-crafted, that is they are picked in areas where they grow naturally in organic conditions.

Nature's Sunshine test all their raw ingredients whether they are from organic farms or collected from the wild to make sure that they pass our specifrications, which includes not having any presence of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. If they contain any of these artificial chemicals then they will not pass our quality control tests. Many people refere to Nature's Sunshine products as 'Organic Plus" because we do not take the farmer's word that the ingredients are organicall produced. We actually proved their organic status in our laboratories. Interestingly, to emphasise the importance of quality control, I would like to mention that we have had many batches of certified organic material come in that has not passed our specifications because it was too dirty and grew bacteria or they had not been picked at the most potent time etc. So not only do we source our ingredients from organic sources, we also test to prove their purity and their efficacy."

Take an online tour of Nature's Sunshine facilities.


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