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Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment (PRANA)

Happened on 23 March 2019  | ( 0 ) Comments

With Terry Larder

Date: Saturday 23rd March - Monday 25th March 2019

Cost: 360 including extensive manual and a free test kit

Suitable for existing kinesiologists, muscle response testers, foundation level Kinesiology and above

Learn how, in 10 minutes you can work out what the body's true nutritional status is and really get to the crux of clients' health problems.

This course will teach you how you can incorporate nutrition easily and effectively with your existing skills. The results can be stunning.

On completing the course you will be able to implement the system straight away.

You will learn:
  • A set of reflexes that will prioritise automatically the body's most stress system
  • If you are nervous of using nutrition, have no fear. You will have a list of supplements for each reflex point that you can test for
  • You'll learn a method of identifying nutritional imbalances that could contribute to the presence of toxins, fungal infections, parasites, low vitality, adrenal stress, and much more
  • Using this prioritising system it greatly cuts down the likelihood of healing crises occuring because the body's wisdom is honoured by only addressing the areas that are going to raise vital force
  • The course includes giving 'food' to the subtle bodies, where many feel that illness starts
This course is suitable for CPD (continuing professional development) and for people trained in muscle testing.


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