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Parasites - are they at the root of your health problem?

Happened on 23 January 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Parasites - are they at the root of your health problem? PARASITES - ARE YOU A GOOD HOST?
People all over the country are talking about the two-part documentary shown on BBC TV called 'Body Snatchers'  about human parasites. Many people for the first time are aware that their body is host to many different types of parasites, eradicating the myth that you need to go abroad to third world countries to have parasites.

Parasites make up one of the largest species on the planet.
Every creature and human on this planet has parasites
Each person has more than 1 million parasites on and in their body ranging from face mites to teeth amoeba to worms.
It is estimated that 75 out of overy hundred people (75%) in the world have a type of worm in their intestinal system.
1 in 1,000 cattle have tape worm cysts, so cook your meat properly to kill them! Make sure you eat horseradish sauce (horseradish is a natural killer of parasites) with your rare beef!
The documentary 'Body Snatchers' showed a human study where a biologist ingested a juman beef tape worm cyst from a piece of meat. In just 11 weeks, the tiny cyst had grown into a tape worm  (cestode) which was 3 metres long!
There are up to 300 species of worm that can happily reside in the human intestinal system.
Whilst parasites can reside in any part of the human body, a favourite destination for worms is your intestinal system. An accumulation of years of uneliminated faecal matter will offer an ideal breeding ground for parasites.
The risk of parasitic infection is significantly increased by travel to places with inadequate public sanitation, personal hygeine levels and food handling practices. WE WORM OUR DOGS AND CATS REGULARLY. WE HAVE WORMS TOO - SO WE ALL WOULD BENEFIT FROM A 'WORMING' EVERY YEAR!

Roundworms can easily be seen by the naked eye. These worms are shaped like earthworms but are smaller. Ascarides can enter the body by touching soil and eating contaminated raw or undercooked food.
Hookworms and pinworms can be caught by walking barefoot on contaminated soil or by drinking contaminated water. Hook worms can cause itching on the soles of the feet, fever, rash and loss of appetite.
Pinworms (threadworms) can cause coughing or bronchitis, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, intestinal gas,  or tiny red abrasions that sometimes itch. In addition, pinworm's eggs can be transferred by touch from an infected individual that has eggs on their fingers from scratching an affected area of their body. Pinworms are one of the most common parasitic infestations. These worms are white, thread-like and about one third of an inch long. They can cause severe anal itching (especially at night as the worms tend to migrate outside the anus to lay eggs). They can also cause insomnia and restlessness.
Tape worm cysts can be ingested through contaminated raw or undrcooked beef, fish (eating raw sushi can cause problems), or pork. Tapeworms (cestodes) vary in length from one inch to 30 feet long (approximately 10 metres) and can survive for up to 25 years in your body. Tapeworms can cause weight and appetite loss, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea.

(For more details about gut protozoa, visit the related article Giardia Llambia, Entamoeaba Histolitica and Blastocystis Hominis)

In our clinic we have found that parasites cause a myrIad of symptoms. These are often misdiagnosed by Western doctors, due to limited training in diagnosing and treating parasitic infections. We find that our clients improve from a whole range of symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, bad breath, nausea, diarrhoea, unexplained abdominal pain, bloatedness and intestinal gas,  unexplained anaemia, arthritic pain, odd and peculiar symptoms that our patients present with. It is surprising how many of these symptoms are either alleviated or dissapear entirely after dealing with parasites. It really is a programme well worth considering, no matter what the complaint is.

Whilst parasites may be present in many chronic deseases, they aren' really the root cause. all parasites require a supportive host environment in order to survive. it the host environment isn't conducive to its growth, a paraiste will have a difficult tme gaining a foothold. This is where herbs can excel over chemical drugs. Whilst they may not be as potent in killing the parasites, they are exceptionally good at helping to alter the host environment making it unfriendly for parasites to live in the body.

Some herbs are directly toxic to parasite, some felax them so that they can't stay in place and are eliminated with regular bowel movements. other herbs can clean up the host terrain, making the environment unfriendly and encouraging them to leave. An effective strategy for dealing with parasites is a combination of all these factors.


This basic 'do it yourself' parasite cleanse is primarily aimed at worms but can also be helpful for candida and other single-celled organisms

2 x capsules of Pumpkin and Black Walnut Combination three times per day
1/2 teaspoon of Black Walnut Extract three times per day

1 x High Potency Garlic twice daily (or eat 1 fresh clove of garlic twice daily - parasites hate garlic!)

1 - 2 x Cascara and Buckthorn Combination twice daily

For more difficult parasites, the programme can be strengthened by adding:

1 x Paw Paw Cell Reg twice daily and/or 2 capsules of Proactazyme 2-3 times daily between meals .
This programme should be carried out for 14 days then followed by a 1 week break. After the one week break, a second round of the 14 day programme should be taken. After another week's break, a third round of the programme could be taken if necessary
The reason for doing this is that some parasites have a multi stage life cycle and may produce eggs that have a durable outer covering that can't easily be destroyed. By repeating the programme at intervals, it ensures that parasites are destroyed. Also, there can be reinfestation as other members of the family may share parasites, so it's a good idea if all family members complete the programme.
If parasites are causing diarrhoea, try taking 3 to 6 capsules a day of Activated Charcoal , which can also be helpful.


A carrying out a parasite cleanse it's important to repopulate the bowel with the friendly bacteria that are supposed to dominate the intestinal tract. Try taking Nature's Sunshine Bifidophilus. Children can have the highly effective Chewable Bifidophilus for Kids probiotic.

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