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Are You Exhausted All The Time?

Happened on 22 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

There are certain herbs that have the reputation of being "master healers" and which have the property of restoring correct functioning of the body globally, thus increasing health and vitality whatever the original problem. They can be used safely in many diverse conditions either as sole treatment or to support other therapeutic measures.

Since the constituent chemicals of herbs normally have fairly specific effects, the mechanism of action of master healing herbs, with their more general, holistic effects, is conjectural. However, we have noted that master healing herbs have one property in common: they all raise "vital force", that mysterious life force that animates all living creatures. This force or subtle energy is recognised by all of the great cultures, with slight differences of interpretation, and has been referred to as pneuma by the ancient Greeks, vata by the Ayurvedic system (also called prana in Sanskrit) and Qi (chi) by the Chinese. In the Chinese model, chi is a unique and invisible energy that flows from the environment into the body through acupuncture points and thence via the meridian system to the organs to provide its life-giving support.

Thus vital force is believed to organize the body into a living, coherent, operating whole and indeed actually to give rise to the physical manifestation of the body. It is also a healing force, maintaining the body's health and vigour. Additionally those with a high level of vital force ("strong chi") have joie de vivre and a likeable, powerful, and magnetic personality (charisma).

Whether the multiple beneficial effects of master healing herbs give rise to an elevated vital force or whether by elevating vital force they give rise to multiple beneficial effects is unclear. However, it is certainly tempting to suggest that it is the latter that is predominantly the case since the majority of herbs used medicinally have valuable healing ability but do not substantially raise diminshed vital force.

Quite how herbs can increase vital force is a matter for debate. In Chinese medicine, chi tonics are considered to affect primarily the organs that are responsible for the entrapment and assimilation of chi energy, and these are regarded as being the lungs, the heart, spleen, stomach, kidneys and the adrenal glands, particularly the spleen and lungs. (Chi is taken into the lungs and enters the bloodstream along with oxygen, while the splenic chakra is an additional portal of entry for Chi, where it is then processed and stored before being distributed throughout the body). Since nutrients can also raise vital force, it may be relevant that some master healing herbs such as wheatgrass are densely nutritive. However, energetic mechanisms may be more important than biochemical mechanisms, and master healing herbs are often revered by the natives of their place of origin and regarded as sacred panaceas. Perhaps they simply carry more chi than other plants, which is then conferred to the consumer on ingestion.

In order to preserve chi, the quality of the herbs is paramount. That's why we use Nature's Sunshine products extensively in our clinic. We can always feel confident that each batch of herbs has be rigourously tested for quality and contaminants. Any batch that doesn't come up to scratch is rejected - even at the cost of the product being temporarily out of supply.

Both Chinese Mineral Chi (a mixture of health - giving herbs and colloidal minerals), and Synerprotein drink, either in Original flavour or Chocolate contains high quality protein and health - giving vegetables and herbs (great for people who don't eat enough vegetables)

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