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Cold Sores

Happened on 22 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus that lies dormant in cells until the person's system is stressed. An attack can be caused by a low immune system, being under stress, eating arginine-rich foods such as wheat, nuts and chocolate, and exposure to the sun.

Natural remedies for cold sores generally focus on preventing or lowering the frequency of attacks and, the results can be very good indeed if taken over a few months during cold sore season (time of year may vary from person to person, but generally it is an indication that the immune system is lower at that particular time of year).

These natural remedies for herpes simplex can also be very helpful in cases of genital herpes - the treatment is exactly the same.

Dandelion and Purslane Combination is a liquid Chinese herbal combination designed for adults and children to help strengthen their immunity against viral infections. Dr. Wenwei Xie is a traditional Chinese medical doctor from Beijing, who used a highly effective herbal combination that was helpful for dealing with the herpes simplex virus. Upon further investigation, his formula was shown to be effective in dealing with a cross range of viruses and when tested in the laboratory, was found to reduce viral counts by more than 50% with no toxicity. Even after 2 years of extensive research, the active ingredients couldn't be isolated in order for them to design a drug that would do the same job. Nature's Sunshine, after conducting their own research wnet on to manufacture this unique herbal formula. Try Dandelion and Purslane on its own, or with a complementary product called Immune Formula , which is useful as a preventative treatment and used to boost your immune system.

For a more detailed article read How Natural Remedies Can Prevent Cold Sores


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