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Happened on 22 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

General symptoms are weakness or fatigue, recurring infections, acute infections, exposure to infectious agents, enlarged lymph nodes in neck or under arms or in groin.

We suggest that you try one of the following for 3 months; Olive Leaf Extract or Dandelion & Purslane Combination together with Defence Maintenance. For more serious immune conditions consider Immune Formula or Astragalus and Ganoderma Combination
For diagnosed bacterial infections (staph, strep, etc.) consider adding Parthenium and Golden Seal , Silver Shield and High Potency Garlic

For medical diagnosis of chronic viral infection (herpes, Epstein-Barr virus etc.) , Dandelion and Purslane Combination has proved to be very effective. Elderberry is a specific for Epstein Barr virus.
See also article Colloidal Silver for Vision, Neck Problems, Injuries and Burns


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