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Alzheimer's Disease

Happened on 18 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Cerebral disorder where free radical activity is implicated. The diagnosis can only truly be made post mortem, which in patients with the disease shows atrophy (shrinking of tissue) of the brain, plaques and fibrous nerve tangles in the brain.

Whilst genetic factors have an influence, these are far outweighed by environmental factors. Some of these may include traumatic head injury at some time in life, chronic exposure to aluminium and toxic metals and /or chemicals and other substances toxic to the nervous system. Oxidative damage plays a major role.

Symptoms include loss of memory and cognitive functions, inability to carry out daily activities.

Eliminate any obstacles to the healing process such as:
  • Eliminating aluminium cookware, foil, baking poder, antacids, antiperspirants, contaminated water

  • Address dietary imbalances by avoiding man-made sugars such as cakes, jams, sweets, chocolate and sugary drinks. Avoid refined foods such as white bread

  • One of the key reasons people can suffer from memory loss in old age is because they neglect eating regularly and properly. They may prefer eating sweets and cakes rather than be bothered to cook a good meal. Include social support in order to ensure that the sufferer has a balanced diet of whole natural foods. This is highly important if deteriation is to be curtailed

  • Take a high potency vitamin and mineral formula such as one of those suggested on the right of this page. These will help to combat free radical damage that can affect the brain.

  • Depression
    If there is depression, taking flaxseed oil, L acetylcarnitine and ginko biloba are recommended.

    The Chinese herb Huperzine has been shown to improve cognitive function in many of those who take it. Nature's Sunshine Brain Protex with Huperzine contains this herb.

    Oxidative stress and the brain
    Antioxidants are really important to reduce oxidative stress. As well as a high potency multi vitamin and mineral, Grapine from grape seed extract is known to be very beneficial in reducing free radical overload.

    Other considerations
    Homocysteine levels can be high because of a deficiency in folic acid, B6 and zinc. This can cause inflammation in the brain as well as the arteries. A deficiency in thiamin (vitamin B1) can impair cognitive skills. All of these are found in a high potency multi vitamin and mineral complex.

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