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Adrenal exhaustion

Happened on 18 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Symptoms include extreme fatigue, frequent urination at night, night sweats, waking up around 4 am in the morning. Another notable symptom is that a person with adrenal exhaustion will feel better for pushing themselves to do things, e.g. exercise. They particularly feel fatigued when they stop.

As well as changing your lifestyle, which is highly necessary, the adrenal glands do really benefit from nutritional support to help restore them so that they function in a more balanced way, rather than reacting inappropriately to minor stresses.

Try one or more of the following remedies that we like to use in our clinic to help people who have adrenal stress:

Biota and Schizandra Combination
Licorice and Dandelion Combination
Master Gland

A great book patients enjoy reading is


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