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Happened on 18 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Ensure that this is diagnosed by a health care professional.
General indications: Change in appetite, feeling blue, insomnia or excessive sleeping, fatigue, a medical diagnosis.

We frequently see people in our clinic that complain ' I feel really low and depressed, but I've nothing to be depressed about. I have a good life and no particular worries.' This makes us think that the cause of feeling so low is likely to be caused by a chemical imbalance. Huge improvements can be made by adjusting diet, and addressing blood sugar handling problems and ensuring that the liver is working in a healthy way (the liver manages all the powerful chemical substances that the body makes all the time, plus any we get from our environment. If not dealt with by the liver, these chemicals can alter the way our brain works).

Read the following articles for more detailed information:

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Liver Function - The Key to Solving Your Health Problems

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