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Constipation - Slow Transit Time

Happened on 18 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Some people have a sluggish bowel which means that the time that food passes through the gut is too slow and a build up of faecal matter occurs.
Eat some red beetroot. This can be used to trace the transit time for food to pass into the gut. Should be less than 24 hours before you see the red in your stools. Increase soluble fibre that will speed up transit time, absorb toxins and heavy metals and reduce carcinogens in the gut (substances that can cause cancer).
Butternut bark is a mild laxitive that can be used for children. Also is a vermifuge (kills intestinal worms) and can treat fevers and infection. The amino acid L Carnitine can be deficient in babies who are only having soy milk This could cause smooth muscle dysmotility. Other symptoms might be peripheral myopathy.

If your bowels are sluggish but regularly eliminate every 2-3 days or more and the stool consistency is gooey, take LBSII and Psyllium Hulls Combination

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