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Constipation - General Indications

Happened on 18 November 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Constipation means you may be suffering from a dry compacted stool, infrequent or difficult elimination, mental sluggishness, feelings of bloating and fullnes, unpleasant smelling stools, poor diet, environmental toxicity, fatigue and irritability, allergic reactions.

Causes of constipation include insuficcient fibre in the diet, not drinking enough water, slow transit time (slow movement of food from the stomach to the rectum).

Try taking Bowel Build, which is a natural remedy to provide fibre and good bacteria plus herbs to stimulate the colon so that transit time improves, greatly relieving constipation. Even stress can affect the tone of the bowels.

If you need further help, we suggest the following:

Atonic constipation - see constipation - slow transit time.

Spastic constipation - the indications are cramping, explosive bowel movements, irregular bowel movement schedule, stress. Try taking Bowel Build and LOCLO.

If you are constipated particularly stressed, try taking Magnesium and Nutricalm on an ongoing basis.

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