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Why Do We Use Nature's Sunshine Products In Our Clinic?

Happened on 18 February 2008  | ( 0 ) Comments

Why Do We Use Nature's Sunshine Products In Our Clinic? Nature's Sunshine have been producing their own herbal combinations for over 30 years. It has grown into being the world's largest producer of organic and wild crafted supplements. They use the very best natural organic ingredients from across the world and manufacture their products in their own state-of-the-art, award winning manufacturing facility.

What are herbs, and why should we consider using them to help us to stay healthy? Read the in-depth article The Theory of Herbology to find out more about herbs.

We use them in our clinic because we are confident that the quality is of the highest standard. Each batch of herbs is checked for:
  • Contamination with other plants. When there has been a scare about the safety of a herb, people have had problems because the herbs that they ingesting were not pure, but contained other plant material which was later proven to be the problem, not the herb itself.
  • Dirt, pesticides and other contaminants in the plant material
  • The potency of the herbs.

  • Not All Supplements Produced in the Industry Are the Same
    It's really important that the correct plant parts are used and they need to be harvested at the right time. For example:
  • You can buy 100% golden seal and get golden seal leaves when it is the root that contains the healing properties
  • Cascara Sagrada needs to be aged a whole year before it can be used. If a company uses it when it's still green, it will cause nausea, cramps and vomiting.
  • Ginseng is most potent when harvested in the Autumn, so timing is important
  • Long exposure to light and heat and herbs improperly processed can lose their nutritional value quickly.

    Nature's Sunshine will not compromise ont eh quality of their products even though cheaper and substandard ingreadients are more readily available. Only the finest quality ingredients are used in Nature's Sunshine products. Read more about this.

    This ensures that when we draw up a treatment plan for a patient, we are know that they are receiveing the highest quality of supplement and that, if for some reason it doesn't have the desired effect, we can be sure that it's not because they were taking inferior quality products that didn't have the therapeutic value in the first place. Our very reputation is at stake here, so we only recommend products that we can trust. This is true of our two sites too.

    I personlly have found Nature's Sunshine to be a very ethical company. For example, some years ago, in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, I ordered a particular herbal combination that I was fond of using, and I was disappointed that it was out of stock long term. On making enquiries with the company, I discovered that the reason it was out of stock was because they couldn't find one batch of one of the ingredients chickweed that wasn't contaminated with radiation and had to reject every batch. Interestingly, I could still get herbal combinations containing chickweed from some other suppliers if I'd wanted to! This made me realise that they would rather lose money in sales than produce faulty and potentially dangerous goods. Also, the company is very keen to buy wildcrafted herbs from small farmers from all over the world at fair trade prices and won't buy from anyone who used child labour.

    Terry Larder
    Naturopath and Kinesiologist


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