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Brunzwick Laboratories Certified Zambroza in Five Antioxidant Tests

Happened on 17 January 2009  | ( 0 ) Comments

Brunswick Laboratories, the leading independent commercial laboratory specialising in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stress, has recently studies Nature's Sunshine's antioxidant drink Zambroza. As part of its rigorous guidelines for compliance, Brunswick studied Zambroza on a batch basis to certify its exceptional product qulaity. The Brunswick Laboratory's certification seal is a "visible symbol of antioxidant quality," says Brunswick founder and chairman Jim Nichols.

Brunswick Labs did Five Tests on Zambroza
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
ORAC measure the total antioxidant capacity of a food. That gives us a general idea how effectively an individual food would act as an antioxidant.

HORAC Hydoxyl Radical Averting Capacity)
HORAC measures a food's capacity to avoid forming hydroxyl radicals, which are harmful to the body.

These natural plant substances exhibit antioxidant characteristics.

Known for their antioxidant capacity, bioflavonoids are nature's biological response modifiers

These biologically active plant compounds have a profound effect on the body. They help to maintain healthy immune, structural and digestive systems as well as the brain and the skin.

The certification that Brunswick Laboratories give verifies that every bottle of Zambroza delivers unparalleled antioxidant protection.

Health and nutrition researcher Kimberly Day tested three of the top-selling antioxidant drinks on the market to determine if they delivered the benefits they claimed to offer. Ms Day sent samples of Zambroza and two other popular antioxidant drinks. The ORAC value - the most widely accepted method of measuring a food's antioxidant content - was 51,939 which was more than double the value of the other two competitors ( 23,323 and 24,480).

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