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Is your energy depleted?

Happened on 16 July 2004  | ( 0 ) Comments

There are certain herbs that have the reputation of being "master healers" and which have the property of restoring correct functioning of the body globally, thus increasing health and vitality whatever the original problem. They can be used safely in many diverse conditions either as sole treatment or to support other therapeutic measures.

Since the constituent chemicals of herbs normally have fairly specific effects, the mechanism of action of master healing herbs, with their more general, holistic effects, is conjectural. However, we have noted that master healing herbs have one property in common: they all raise "vital force", that mysterious life force that animates all living creatures. This force or subtle energy is recognised by all of the great cultures, with slight differences of interpretation, and has been referred to as pneuma by the ancient Greeks, vata by the Ayurvedic system (also called prana in Sanskrit) and Qi (chi) by the Chinese. In the Chinese model, chi is a unique and invisible energy that flows from the environment into the body through acupuncture points and thence via the meridian system to the organs to provide its life-giving support.

Thus vital force is believed to organize the body into a living, coherent, operating whole and indeed actually to give rise to the physical manifestation of the body. It is also a healing force, maintaining the body's health and vigour. Additionally those with a high level of vital force ("strong chi") have joie de vivre and a likeable, powerful, and magnetic personality (charisma).

Whether the multiple beneficial effects of master healing herbs give rise to an elevated vital force or whether by elevating vital force they give rise to multiple beneficial effects is unclear. However, it is certainly tempting to suggest that it is the latter that is predominantly the case since the majority of herbs used medicinally have valuable healing ability but do not substantially raise diminshed vital force.

Quite how herbs can increase vital force is a matter for debate. In Chinese medicine, chi tonics are considered to affect primarily the organs that are responsible for the entrapment and assimilation of chi energy, and these are regarded as being the lungs, the heart, spleen, stomach, kidneys and the adrenal glands, particularly the spleen and lungs. (Chi is taken into the lungs and enters the bloodstream along with oxygen, while the splenic chakra is an additional portal of entry for Chi, where it is then processed and stored before being distributed throughout the body). Since nutrients can also raise vital force, it may be relevant that some master healing herbs such as wheatgrass are densely nutritive. However, energetic mechanisms may be more important than biochemical mechanisms, and master healing herbs are often revered by the natives of their place of origin and regarded as sacred panaceas. Perhaps they simply carry more chi than other plants, which is then conferred to the consumer on ingestion.

Wheatgrass Formula (Formerly VIT64) (v) (60)(Capsule) is an aristocratic combination that brings together no less than eight master healing herbs from three continents, the properties of each supplementing those of the others, together with the vibrations of master healing gems such as gold, diamond and sapphire.

The herbs included in this combination remedy, together with some of their properties according to the literature, are as follows:

Astragalus: Master healing herb. Strengthens digestion, raises metabolism, stimulates immunity and promotes healing of wounds and injuries.

Catuaba: Not usually regarded as a master healing herb but much used for its aphrodisiac properties and value in supporting sexual function. (Catuaba is included in both Ginseng Formula (Formerly AND51) (v) (60) Helps Testosterone Deficiency(Capsule) for this reason). Tonifies the nervous system and soothes nervousness. The Tupi indians first discovered the merits of catuaba and composed many songs praising it.

Ligustrum:Master healing herb. Nourishes liver and kidneys. Immune stimulant, circulatory stimulant.

Pfaffia: Master healing herb. Considered a near panacea in Brazil, where it is referred t as Brazilian ginseng. Increases energy, enhances mental power and concentration, strengthens immunity, regulates pancreatic function and tonifies adrenal glands. Contains beta ecdysone which rejuvenates cells and sitosterol which lowers cholesterol. Offers an encyclopedic array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Native Brazilians call it Paratudo - which mean "all healing".

Schizandra: Master healing herb. Adaptogenic tonic and energizer. Increases oxygen uptake, reduces cholesterol, maintains normoglycaemia, combats depression, improves menatl alertness, tonifies adrenal glands, protects the liver and stimulates immunity. Enhances cellular regeneration throughout the body by stimulating the production of RNA & DNA.

Siberian Ginseng: Master healing herb. Builds zest, energy and endurance. Increases mental and physical work ability, improves mental and physical reflex action and increases circulation, resistance to disease and visual/hearing acuity. Balances glandular function and augments sexual function. First - class adaptogen providing remarkable protective effect against most types of stress, and an incremental effect is gained from long term use. Possesses antioxidant properties. Strengthens energy systems against the vibrational disruption of high energy electromagnetic pollution (eg. X-rays).

Una de gato: Master healing herb. One of the Amazon's most valuable herbs. Regarded as a sacred panacea with profound healing ability, whose curative properties are almost unlimited. Particularly stimulates immunity and used for dermatological, allergic, rheumatic and viral diseases.

Wheatgrass: Master healing herb. Regarded as elixir of life by those visting Dr Anne Wigmore's Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, where it forms a major part of healing programs. Rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

With the above array of activites it is hoped that virtually everyone will benefit from Wheatgrass Formula (Formerly VIT64) (v) (60)(Capsule) . Certainly its tonic effects should be especially welcome when treating those with debilitating and difficult to treat conditions such as M.E.

As well as using herbs to raise vital force, there are many other measures we would also recommended. More time should be spent out of doors because modern architecture disrupts the harmonious flow of chi in the environment (hence the valus of Feng Shui, which seeks to improve the flow of chi and other energies within the indoor environment). Spending more time out of doors will also increase exposure to the sun and the life energy that it supplies. (It is believed that chi may have partial origin in solar radiation outside the recognized electromagnetic window of visible light). Fresh, uncooked (live) vegetables and fruits, especially sprouts, carry a high level of positive life energy that vibrates within their cells and molecules, and are thus 'energetically' loaded as well as being rich in nutrients. Their consumption should be increased; clairvoyants can actually see their energy merging with and boosting that of the consumer. Vitamins perhaps because of their fundamental biochemical role in regulating energy interchange at the molecular level, or perhaps because they carry more life force than other substances, tend to increase vital force. Acupuncture raises vital force as well as regulating its flow (acupuncture needles are postulated to act as aerials which attract chi from the environment) and body balancing from a kinesiologist.

Negative emotions, particularly fear, are believed to block and supress vital force, and so should be countered by appropriate means. Toxicity is also believed to supress vital force, and so detoxification procedures may be indicated. The Charged Card(Other) a device that is carried on the person to minimize the impact of electromagnetic pollution also dramatically increases the coronal discharge from the body as demonstrated by Kirlian photography.

Wheatgrass Formula (Formerly VIT64) (v) (60)(Capsule) includes wheatgrass and since this derives from wheat, a ubiquitous dietary allergen, it may sometime be felt that this is contraindicated. However, during the sprouting process allergenicity appears to be substanially reduced, and we estimate that wheatgrass possesses 20-25% of the allergenicity of the grain and that only 1 in 10 persons needs to avoid wheatgrass. Barleygrass Formula (Formerly VIT64A) (v) (60)(Capsule) is available for such persons, for in this formula we have substituted barleygrass, which appears to be very similar to wheatgrass in its ability to raise vital force, and to which allergy is rare.

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