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Happened on 16 May 2009  | ( 0 ) Comments

The normal intraocular pressure (IOP) is considered to be 12-24 mm Hg. In chronic (open-angle) glaucoma (about 90% of patients) the IOP is usually mildly to moderately elevated (25-40 mm Hg). In acute (narrow or closed-angle) glaucoma (about 10% of patients), the IOP is greater than 40 mm Hg. Chronic glaucoma results in progresive peripheral vision loss.

In glaucoma, structural changes occur within the collagenous trabecular meshwork of the eye that impede the outflow of the aqueous humour, resulting in elevated IOP. Enzymic and free radical damage is presumed to cause these collagen defects. Anthocyanidin bioflavonoids are very supportive of collagen and ahould be taken in abundance for example in Grape and Bilberry Plus, or Antho Supreme . Blueberries should be eaten frequently . Rutin is also reported to be beneficial. Whether the taking of collagen (e.g Higher Nature's Collaflex Gold) could help does not appear to have been investigated.

Vitamin C in doses of 2-35 grams daily has shown to reduce IOP by up to 16mm Hg. Vitamin C increases blood osmolatity and enhances the outflow of aqueous humour. Since the benefit lasts only as long as supplementation is continued, collagen support cannot be a prime mechanism. Vitamin C to bowel (in)tolerance levels is recommended. Vitamin A prevents swelling of the collagen in the trabecular meshwork and intakes of 10,000u (vit A) and 25,000u (carotene) are recommended. Vitamin E also helps reduce eye pressure and intakes of 400-800iu are frequently advised.

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