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Kinesiology for everyone!

Happened on 13 March 2006  | ( 0 ) Comments

Kinesiology for everyone! What could be more rewarding than being able to better manage your own health and that of your family?

Kinesiology and complementary medicine has helped many do just that.

Learn first-hand about the power of kinesiology on this exciting new 2 day course with Terry Larder and Lesley Martin from the Classical Kinesiology Institute

Cost: 175 for the two day course including course manual and DVD

The last course ran in November 2006. We will be running more. Contact us if you would like to be placed on the mailing list to inform you of future courses.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn kinesiology techniques and dietary methods, normally only open to professionals, that can help you achieve these aims. You may have already experienced the enormous benefits of having treatment with a kinesiologist or you may have heard about it from a friend.

This exciting and fun 2-day course is designed to give you a hands-on approach to kinesiology as well as an insight into what your practitioner can do for you. As well as being enthralled and having the joy of meeting some great people, you will leave the course being able to carry out the following techniques on your friends and family.

What people said
"Extremely useful! I've received more knowledge in two days than investigating the subject over the last two years."

"I found the course very interesting. I had only a brief understanding form a friend, so this course gave me a practical insight. I learned lots of self help tips and enjoyed learning how to muscle test."

"I learned a great deal of new ideas that I will be able to use with friends and family. I particularly enjoyed doing some food sensitivity testing"

" I particularly found helpful learning to test for protein deficiency and blood sugar handling"

"Very well presented and taught. Everything clearly explained. Very enjoyable!"

"Terry is a fantastic teacher!"

" I also enjoyed meeting other interested people"
To find out more about the more in-depth Foundation Kinesiology Course that we run, click on this link http://www.classicalkinesiology.co.uk/coursedetails.asp?CourseID=1
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