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Chia - Salvia Hispanica - An amazing food!

Happened on 8 August 2008  | ( 0 ) Comments

Chia - Salvia Hispanica - An amazing food! Taken from an article by Norman Shealy MD, PhD

Chia, it's 'proper' name being Salvia hispanica, has been eaten for over 5000 years. Historically it was cultivated by the Aztecs and before! They used to grind it and combine it with other grains and make into a dough, or make energizing food bars, drinks or gruels with it. Because it contains 19 amino acids it has more quality food value than any other known food.
  • Two tablespoons of chia offers an amazingly balanced ration of macronutrients, oils and fibre.

    It contains:
  • More iron than spinach
  • More vitamin C than oranges
  • More omega-3's than flax or salmon
  • More calcium than milk
  • More potassium than bananas
  • More antioxidants than blueberries
  • Better protein than beans, soy or peas
  • And many more!

  • Chia is a member of the mint family. The tiny black or white seeds contain a significant amount of soluble fibre and they can quickly absorb 5 to 10 times their weight in water. You can put it in a drink and in about 10 minutes you have a weak gelatinous, neutral tasting nutritious drink. Chia doesn't contain any gluten.

    There are no known toxic components of chia, unlike flax seeds. Also unlike most seeds it doesn't go rancid. This is because it has within it powerful antioxidants that protect its heart-healthy oils. Even after you grind or cook it, chia's antioxidants keep it fresh.

    This ancient tonic coats the stomach, slows down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and it has one of the broadest scientific benefits of any food available.

    Here listed are some of the conditions that chia is known to benefit
  • Decreased gastro-oesophageal reflux or heartburn
  • Helps stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Helps improve insulin resistance
  • Improvement in diabetes
  • Can lower blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic
  • Decreased High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein - a marker in the blood indicating inflammation
  • Decreases flatulence and intestinal gas
  • Better energy and endurance
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved bowel health

    How to incorporate chia into your diet. There are no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers or GMO used to grow chia:

  • Two tablespoons of chia in a glass of water or juice. Let it sit for 10 minutes and stir it well. Start the day with this drink and if you are overweight, you could try drinking some before each meal. You'll find you won't want to eat so much and your need for sweet things will decrease
  • You can add it to your porridge, muesli, soups, home-made breads
  • You can blend or grind the seeds into any dish and you can add it to a mixed salad. You can even coat fish or chicken in chia prior to baking
  • You can use it as a snack, perhaps mixed with nuts
  • You can add it to any drink


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