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Choose Your Vitamins Carefully, they Could be Irradiated!

Happened on 6 February 2006  | ( 0 ) Comments

Half of all health vitamins and supplements contain irradiated ingredients, the UK's Food Standards Agency has announced this week. It's illegal to sell irradiated foods in the UK as the process changes the composition of products - and may present a health risk.

Tests on 48 well-known vitamins found that half were wholly or partly irradiated. Irradiation is used to kill bugs and also to extend the shelf life of products, and is allowed only on a few herbs and spices, which have to be clearly labelled.

But there was no warning on any of the labels of some big-name brands the FSA tested, including products sold at Superdrug and Boots.

An FSA spokesman said that people were being 'duped', as they believed they were buying products that were good for their health.

The latest findings come as no surprise to What Doctors Don't Tell You, whose own investigators discovered that the vast majority of health supplements contained little or none of the active ingredient claimed on the label.

The irradiated supplements included ginseng and aloe vera. Siberian ginseng, sold at Holland & Barrett, a product claimed to boost energy and vitality, two Superdrug products, a Boots' brand of garlic, and Solgar's aloe vera tablets were all found to be wholly or partly irradiated.

"This has been a grey area for far too long," said WDDTY editor Lynne McTaggart. "People pay a lot of money for their health supplements, and they at least deserve to know that what they are buying is helping their health."

WDDTY http://wddty.com first highlighted the supplements scam several years ago in its sister publication, PROOF, which discovered in laboratory analysis that far too many vitamins sold in the High Street and by mail order contained little or no active ingredient. "In one review of vitamin C our laboratory researchers discovered that several products contained less than 10 per cent of the vitamin," said Lynne.

The moral is, choose your source for vitamins and supplements carefully. .

At turnaroundyourhealth.co.uk and our sister site www.turnaroundyourhealth.net, we are committed to offer you trusted brands from companies that have the utmost integrity. For example, our supplier Nature's Sunshine rigourously tests every single batch of ingredients that they receive for purity and active phytochemicals (natural compounds). If it is not up to standard, the ingredient is rejected and the product is not made until a good source is found. All of the herbs that they use are wildcrafted and only bought from ethical sources (no child labour and bought at fair trade prices).

If at any time we discover anything a product that has slipped through the net, it will immediately be taken off the site

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