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Happened on 5 May 2007  | ( 0 ) Comments

Current research indicates that there are approximately 300 different species of parasites. A colon filled with un-eliminated fecal matter from years of poor eating habits provides the perfect breeding ground.

Filarial-worms, hook-worms, whipworms, pinworms and flat-worms affect more than 2 billion around the world, causing a long list of afflicitions.

Unfortunately, symptoms caused by parasites can often be misdiagnosed.

Some of the symptoms which may be a sign of parasitic infections are as follows:

Anaemia Joint aches & pains
Anorexia Lethargy
Arthritis Low back pain
Auto Immune Disease Malabsorption
Bloody stools Muscle aches & pains
Chronic Fatigue Nervousness
Colitis Rash & itching of the skin
Constipation Rectal bleeding
Diarrhoea Skin conditions
Distention & bloating Sleep disturbance
Dysentery Teeth grinding
Fatigue Vomiting
Fever Weight loss
Food allergy In children signs may include:
Foul smelling stools Bedwetting
Gastritis Damp lips at night
Headaches Drooling or grinding of teeth whilst sleeping
Immune system problems Dry lips during the day
Inflammatory bowel disease Itchy rectum, nose and ears
Irregular bowel movements

For optimal results start with the 10 - 15 day Healthy Starter Pack followed immediately by the 14 day

Parasite Cleansing programme
. After a 14 day break take a second course of the parasite cleanse programme as discussed in the

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