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Why Should You Take Food Supplements?

Happened on 5 May 2004  | ( 0 ) Comments

Foods Lack Nutrition
We often assume that our food has good nutritional value. However, many factors such as modern day farming methods, storage and transport each have a tremendous effect on the nutritional content of our food.
The over processing and refining of food destroys vital nutrition. For example, refining wheat flour removes valuable nutrients including folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and other minerals.

Modern Day Farming
As a consequence of over-farming the 1992 Earth Summit Report highlighted that there has been a 72% loss of minerals in the soil of Europe over the last 100 years.

Organic farmers embrace the traditional methods of leaving fields to rest, building up nutrients in the soil naturally, resulting in nutrient rich crops. For the same reasons it is essential to use organically sourced supplements for their nutritional content.

The cocktail effect of various pesticides being consumed from our food is of great concern to many scientists who believe these chemicals can be detrimental to our health. It is equally important to ensure your supplements are pesticide free. Nature's Sunshine guarantee their products are pure and free of chemical pesticides.

Cold Storage
Many fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets may have been in cold storage for 6 to 9 months. Cold storage can have a negative impact on the nutritional value of our food. Compilation and scrutiny of food composition data

Random tests prove the nutritional value of our food varies. For example, one carrot was tested and found to have 1850mg of Vitamin A, whilst another was found to have only 75mg. One orange was tested and found to have 70mg of Vitamin C whilst another randomly picked orange contained only a trace. These test highlight the nutritional inconsistency of the food we eat today and reinforce the need to fill the gaps in our diet by using supplements.

Pollution comes in may forms depleting vital nutrients in the body and causing excess free radical damage.
Inhaling one cigarette for example, can deplete as much as 75mg of Vitamin C in the body, 75mg is the amount of Vitamin C that you would expect to find in a healthy, freshly picked orange.

Allergies can be caused by sensitivity to foods, pollen, dust, animal hair, common drugs, additives and chemicals. Many vitamins and herbs can help alleviate allergic conditions.

Poor Digestion
You have probably heard the adage 'You are what you eat'. A more accurate statement would be, 'You are what you eat, digest and assimilate'.
You can be nutritionally deficient if you are not digesting and assimilating your foods effectively. For example, a person who has problems digesting fats can be deficient in Vitamin E. Pancreatic, gallbladder and liver disorders also decrease the body's ability to assimilate nutrition.

Digestive supplements such as Proactazyme and Food Enzymes are formulated to aid digestion.

Prevention, Better Than Cure
Many people are aware there has been an over-use of drugs in recent years with a lack of understanding about the side effects. Examples of these include HRT, antidepressants and antibiotics. Antibiotics kill 'friendly flora' in your intestinal system. This friendly bacteria plays a vital role in your immune system. Top up your 'friendly flora' with Nature's Sunshine's Bifidophilus major causes of death in this country are as a result of poor dietary habits and lifestyle. Many illnesses can be prevented with an adequate intake of dietary nutrition, supplements, water and regular exercise.

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