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Detoxify your Body - Along With A Normal Healthy Diet

Happened on 5 May 2004  | ( 0 ) Comments


Why Detox?
  • We keep ourselves clean on the outside but how many of us keep ourselves clean on the inside?
  • Environmental pollutants, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can result in a build up of toxic pollutants in the body.
  • A build up of toxic pollutants directly affects our health and over time, if left unchecked, can lead to serious health problems.

    Toxic Overload
    The accumulation of toxins can overwhelm even the strongest body, resulting in some of the following health problems:
    Bad Breath
    Sinus Congestion
    Skin Conditions

    The Healthy Starter Pack

    One of the many advantages of the 10 - 20 Day detox is that it can be taken with a normal healthy diet.

    The Healthy Starter Pack contains 22 herbs and has been specially created to help cleanse the digestive, intestinal and circulatory systems of the body and to prepare them for improved assimilation of nutrients. It combines Chinese and Western herbs known to absorb toxins from the bowel, improve elimination, expel parasites and worms, detoxify the kidneys and liver, purify the blood and cleanse the body of cellular wastes. Health specialists recommend taking the Healthy Starter Pack at least twice a year.

    10-20 Day Detox
    The Healthy Starter Pack contains 30 capsules each of 6 different formulas designed to support the liver and bowels. Take the contents of one capsule of each formula before meals up to three times each day. Continue the programme until all the 6 bottles have been used. Drink at least one full glass of water with the capsules, followed by another glass of water.

    Use in conjunction with a normal healthy diet. You can also intensify your cleanse by adding Liquid Chlorophyll and taking a high potency probiotic such as Bifidophilus (Milk Free) for a month after completing the cleanse. For more information, click on related article .

    Healthy Starter Pack also helps the body to expel parasites, a common occurence no matter which country we live in. If you feel that you would like to also carry out a parasite cleanse, please click on related article. You can carry out a Healthy Starter Pack Cleanse followed by a parasite cleansing programme for a really thorough detox. Then finalise by replenishing the good gut bacteria by taking Bifidophilus.

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