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Solstic Energy Drink (30 sachets) (v)

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Solstic is a brand new energy drink that we are really excited about!
Solstic gives you a lift without the crash because it contains natural herbs that have been used by South American indians for centuries. They know a thing or two about expending energy and heat when they go on 3 day hunting trips into the humid jungle. One of the herbs in Solstic, guarana, is eaten to sustain energy and help prevent heat exhaustion.
You need to drink when you're exercising, but here are between 7 and 12 teaspoonsful of sugar in a can of many energy drinks on the market. So if you consume two of these drinks during a workout or exercise session, imagine the sugar crash later! It's also a fantastic alternative to coffee and tea and gives you a lift without the unwanted jitters!
It's now well known that sugar is not good for your health. So substitute your usual drink for Solstic, packaged in a small handy tube that you can just add to ordinary water. At 12 calories a can with added vitamins you can afford to drink plenty with no weight gain. It also has a low glycaemic index too.

What does it contain?
  • Yerba Mate, a pwerful herb that has been used for thousands of years in the jungles of South America to increase endurance. Supports a positive attitudea and helps mental alertness
  • Green tea extracts are rich in properties that help increase calorie and fat metabolism.
  • B Vitamins are the most important vitamins that give you energy. B vitamins are constantly needed, as they dissolve in water and leave our body quickly, to help fight the draining effects of the day.
  • Guarana seed contains a natrurally occurring caffeine that promotes a gradual, sustained increase in alertness.
  • Citric acid is used to form ATP, the basic energy molecule of the body
  • Malic acid is important for energy production in the body both in aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Solstic Energy drink also contains Sucralose, a sweetnener created from natural sugar that has been proven safe throughover twenty years of in-depth scinetific analysis.


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