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Geopathic Stress - What does it mean to you?

Happened on 4 January 2012  | ( 0 ) Comments

Geopathic stress is a term used to denote adverse 'earth radiation" - ionizing or non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emanating naturally from the planet's geophysiology. This gives rise to a network of energy patterns and lines of force that cover the surface of the aearth (Hartmann Net, Curry Grid, Ley lines etc.) and is believed to be particularly detrimental at points of intersection. Underground water, caverns, coal, and oil can also generate geomagnetic disturbances that are similarly classified as geopathic stress. If we spend long time periods in geopathically stressed areas i.e. if our bed lies in one, or our office desk for example, the magnetic organizing and infornation-handling system that exists within us becomes disturbed and our homeostatic (rebalancing) mechanism becomes disturbed and begin to fail. This can lead to very real physiological problems including changes in the magnetic polarity of cell membranes. This in turn can alter the spin oscillation and proton resonance of protein molecules, faulty hydrogen bonding, disturbances of the mesenchyme base regulation, and disturbances in hormone balance.

These changes can predispose some people to certin diseases, the most important of which are believed to be: fatigue, arthritis, depressed immunity, cancer, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disorders, depression, anorexia, infertility, miscarriage, cot death, nervous tension, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart attacks, strokes, mood changes, mania, childhood learning difficulties/behavioural problems, alcoholism, migraine, epilepsy, pallor and skin problems. In fact some dowsers claim that geopathic stress is aetiologically involved in virtually all illness. Certainly it should be suspected as a factor in all of the above conditions, particularly if it is related to sleep related problems. For example, not wanting to go to bed, insomnia, restless sleep, unrefreshing sleep, excessive sleep excessive dreaming, sleep-walking, bed-wetting, cold extremities, restless legs, cramps, or breathing problems/asthma. Resistance to other types of treatment might also be an indication that geopathic stress could be involved with the problem.

Geopathic stress is difficult to treat, particularly as it can get 'locked into" the person's body. Moving house is not normally the best solution, not least because the next house can be just as bad or even worse! We suggest protective devices to our clients. One cheap and very successful one is called a Charge Card which is by far the cheapest solution and additionally protects when away from home. They cost around 26. To purchase one, call The Kinesiology Centre on 0116 266 1962.

Over the years we have seen several instances of couples living together where only one of the couple is geopathically stressed. We assume that the more stressed an individual is from other aspects of their life, or other illnesses, the more predisposed to geopathic stress they might be. Hormones that are produced by the glands of the body greatly influence health. The glands involved closely with homoeostasis (a balanced body) are the pineal gland, the pituitary, the liver and the hypothalamus. The adrenal glands are subjected to more stress when geopathic stress is present so providing nutritional support for them will help. Master Gland provides nutritional supplementation for all the glands of the body.

Several months treatment with in addition to a protective device such as the Charged Card has been seen benefit the many people with these problems.

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